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  • President Ford: Space Advocate

    Former president Gerald Ford has died at the age of 93. In addition to an illustrious political career, the president was a military veteran and a naval officer who saw many sea engagements during World War II. Most people remember the president for pardoning former President Richard Nixon following the Watergate scandal. What many people may not
  • Shirt Tales : Happy Holidays

    December 25th is fast approaching and 1 January is just a week after that. Wow, what a year we've had here in L.A. SMC, as Chief Crocker would say, "is the place to be." Not unlike any other Air Force installation around the world, we have an important mission, good people and many things to be thankful for this year. One of the many things we
  • Generally Speaking: SMC Year in Review

    As 2006 comes to a close, I'd like to reflect on some of the highlights that have made this such a remarkable year, and look forward to some of the challenges and opportunities in 2007. SMC is the "birthplace of military space" and 2006 has been a year of "rebirth" and transformation. We have taken enormous strides across the center in achieving
  • Shirt Tales -- Use the right leave program

    Due to the upcoming holiday season, a lot of questions regarding the Military Leave Program have come up. I'd like to address some of the guidelines found in AFI 36-3003 in regards to the use of regular passes, special passes and annual leave for military members. Refer to AFI 36-815 for civilian guidelines. Let's start with the basics. A pass
  • A Warrior's Tradition Recognizes Native Americans

    The month of November is American Indian Heritage Month. This year's theme for 2006 is entitled, "A Warrior's Tradition: Contributing to Our Nation's Freedom." I find it fitting to share this information with you. 21st Century Warriors: Native Americans Participating in the United States Military American Indians have participated with distinction
  • Dress and Appearance Count

    Looking through the Dress and Appearance AFI for an item to write about brought me to Chapter 1. It so happens that paragraph 1.3. is Individuals' Responsibilities. It states to present a professional military image, individuals will: Procure and maintain all mandatory clothing items. Review and follow local supplements and procedures. Uniforms
  • Perception is everything

    I arrived at Los Angeles Air Force Base in late August and currently hold the distinction of First Sergeant for the 61st Medical Group. Huah! My transition was flawless with the help of some great senior noncommissioned officers from my unit, the Air Base Wing, and, of course, Space and Missile Systems Center. For their selfless efforts and care,
  • General Chilton addresses SMC’s key roles in space

    I firmly believe that at this time in our history, we are at an inflection point, said Gen. Kevin Chilton, Air Force Space Command commander, who spoke at a Commander's Call, here, Oct. 20. Looking at how things have changed in the world over the last 10 to 15 years, I think we are at a point now where we are going to see an appreciation for the
  • Farewell to friends and coworkers

    As I end my nearly four years at the Space and Missile Systems Center and Los Angeles Air Force Base and get ready to leave on my Permanent Change of Station move to Yokota Air Station, Japan, I thank you for your support and for making Los Angeles AFB a better place to work and all your outstanding teamwork everyone has done to make it one of the
  • It’s time to PCS - Surviving the Military Family Housing inspection

    One of the most dreaded moments in preparation for the big PCS move is your final housing inspection. You've cleaned your house to the best of your ability but still wonder, "Will it pass the white-glove treatment? Will they fail me? Will I be charged for something I didn't do?" Well, having some simple knowledge about what and how you will be