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  • SMC co-hosts DCMA joint Immersion Day

    In the Defense Contract Management Agency's Space and Missile Systems Division, it has been an axiom that "space acquisition is different" and recently that was proven. Representatives from the Space and Missile Systems Center, DCMA space-centric contract management offices and space industry partners met for the first Joint Immersion Day which was
  • 101 Critical Days of Summer winding down

    Children and safety belts, quick safety seat checkupDoes your child ride in the back seat? The back seat is generally the safest place in a crash. If your vehicle has a passenger air bag, it is critical for children 12 and under to ride in back. Does your child ride facing the right way? Infants should ride in rear-facing restraints (in the back
  • Kudos to SMC’s Professionals

    Retirement from Mobilization Assistant to Commander, AFSPC Major General David Frostman Assignment to Mobilization Assistant to Commander, AFSPCMajor General David FrostmanCongratulations Colonel Promotees Eric Schnaible, SMC Public Affairs William Hodgekiss, SMC Command Section (PCS'd to Maxwell AFB, Aug.) Congratulations Reserve Lt. Col.
  • Air Force searches for next year’s Tops in Blue team

    Although the Tops in Blue 2006 Tour continues at installations throughout the world, Air Force Entertainment has already initiated its search for talented personnel to comprise the cast and crew of the 2007 Tour. The theme of this year's Tops in Blue recruiting campaign is "Perform Your Duty." It illustrates the mission of Tops in Blue, the Air
  • Word on the LAAFB Street

    This week, members of the Los Angeles Air Force Base were asked ... "What job would you like to be doing if you were not working for the Air Force? Why?" "Completing my paralegal degree - then go to law school." Cheryl Franklin Global Positioning Systems Wing "Elementary school teacher because I love to play outside." Airman 1st Class Mishawntis
  • Fort MacArthur Cub Scout roundup begins

    Have you seen this banner recently as you enter or depart the Los Angeles Air Force Base housing areas? If so, you've been exposed to the Fort MacArthur's Cub Scout Pack 665 campaign to recruit new members. Promising "Fun at Every Turn," the racing theme is the heart of one of the most extensive efforts to sign up new members in Cub Scouting
  • SMC Wing activation ceremony designates new organizations

    The Air Force's Space and Missile Systems Center has reorganized and renamed its organizations to mirror a more traditional Air Force structure following a ceremony, July 31. The Center activated or "stood up" six subordinate wings, 21 groups, 12 squadrons, 20 divisions, two system offices and the 61st Air Base Wing, providing increased
  • GPS technology not just for military, also benefits civilian users

    You're stranded in the middle of Los Angeles. You can't get to where you need to be. You pull out your cell phone or log onto the navigation system in your car and voila ... instant directions to your destination! Since first launched in 1978, the Navstar Global Positioning System has been available for civilian application worldwide. There has
  • Airman's Attic opens for operation

    The Los Angeles Air Force Base Airman's Attic is now open after closing its doors in April 2005 upon losing its facility to renovation efforts on Fort Mac Arthur. This valuable resource is once again available to airman and their families in a new location, just in time for the Summer PCS move season. Co-located with the Lodging office in Building
  • SMC Test Wing sets new record with C-17A drop

    A government and industry test team broke their own record in late July by releasing a full-scale simulated 72,000-pound rocket from an unmodified C-17A aircraft at the operational launch altitude of 32,000 feet and an air speed of 200 knots. This feat marked the largest single object to be dropped from that particular type of aircraft since June,