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  • MILSATCOM Logistics & Operations Support Division

    Mission The MILSATCOM Logistics & Operations Support Division (SMC/MCL) plans for life cycle Product Support, facilitates system activation and transition, sustains operational MILSATCOM systems and equipment, and executes assigned programs to provide critical worldwide SATCOM capabilities to the President, Secretary of Defense, Combatant
  • Military Satellite Communications Systems Directorate

    MISSIONDevelop, acquire, deploy, and sustain space-enabled, war-winning, global communications to support national objectives.PERSONNELMILSATCOM includes a total force of approximately 150 assigned military, 165 assigned civilians, 317 Federally Funded Research and Development Center contractors, and 320 other contractors.ORGANIZATIONMILSATCOM
  • Milstar

    MissionMilstar provides the President, Secretary of Defense and the U.S. Armed Forces with assured, survivable satellite communications with low probability of interception and detection. Designed to overcome enemy jamming and nuclear effects, Milstar is the most robust and reliable SATCOM system currently employed by the Department of Defense.
  • Military GPS User Equipment

    MISSION MGUE is a joint service program developed to modernize military GPS receivers, thereby delivering upgraded capabilities that allow for accurate and reliable Positioning, Navigation, and Timing to US and Allies where current receiver performance  might be compromised or unavailable.  BACKGROUND MGUE is part of the GPS modernization effort
  • Military & Family Life Consultants

    Need To Talk?Military & Family Life Consultants are here to listen. MFLCs are available to help service members, spouses, family members and children.The staff addresses:· Deployment/reintegration issues · Marriage and relationship issues · Parenting/sibling and family issues · Communication challenges · Stress and Anxiety · Depression · Grief and