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The Space and Missile Systems Center, a subordinate unit of U.S. Space Force, is the center of technical excellence for developing, acquiring, fielding and sustaining military space systems. SMC's mission is to deliver resilient, affordable and sustainable space capabilities. The center is responsible for on-orbit check-out, testing, sustainment and maintenance of military satellite constellations and other Department of Defense space systems. 

SMC's portfolio includes GPS, military satellite communications, defense meteorological satellites, space launch and range systems, satellite control networks; space based infrared systems and space situational awareness capabilities.

SMC is headquartered at Los Angeles AFB in El Segundo, Calif. The center employs an estimated 6,300 people including military, civilians and contractors at LAAFB and other locations worldwide.

Los Angeles AFB is the only active duty military installation in the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area, and offers services to eligible base personnel, retirees, service members from all branches and their families.

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RT @US_SpaceCom: Learn how @DeptofDefense developed #GPS and why its importance extends beyond everyday life!
RT @SMC_CC: Way to go @SpaceForceDoD @AF_SMC @45thSpaceWing @SpaceX & @LockheedMartin on today's successful #GPSIIISV03 launch dedicated t…
SMC and its partners successfully launch third GPS III satellite https://t.co/MUvTZorjYn
RT @SpaceForceDoD: We are stronger and better prepared to counter threats when we work side by side.
ICYMI, we have lift-off of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle, carrying the latest GPS III space vehicle, soon to join a r… https://t.co/EJQgPxOk5w
RT @LockheedMartin: Mission success! #GPSIII has separated from #Falcon9 and is using onboard power to climb to orbit. Congrats @SpaceForce
Thanks to our great partnership with the contractor, industry, and government teams, the newest GPS III satellite w… https://t.co/ahXmnlV9bN
GPS III SV 03 successfully launched. https://t.co/SiTUoMlfxB
T+ 1 hour and 28 minutes. We have spacecraft separation! #SpaceStartsHere #Driveto48 #GPSIIISV3
GPS is a worldwide utility that impacts the day-to-day activities of civilian and military users. #SpaceStartsHere #Driveto48 #GPSIIISV3
GPS fun fact: GPS isn’t just for navigation. It can also be used to get an exact time stamp. Every GPS satellite ha… https://t.co/D4i7YkuEyY
RT @SpaceForceCSO: A fitting tribute to a @SpaceForceDoD friend and teammate. Congrats @SpaceX @45thSpaceWing @AF_SMC @LockheedMartin on th…
GPS fun fact: To get a reliable position reading, your GPS receiver will have to combine the signals from at least… https://t.co/OS60D8FCTi
GPS fun fact: Each GPS satellite goes around the world once every 12 hours. The satellites travel 12,500 miles (20,… https://t.co/6qPwk6jNUm
We have successful recovery of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle booster, marking the first NSSL mission where a launch p… https://t.co/6FaHwSldXv
RT @SpaceX: Watch Falcon 9 launch of GPS III Space Vehicle 03 → https://t.co/bJFjLCzWdK https://t.co/AkPClOKWG0
The launch of GPS III-3 aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will be the third U.S. Space Force launch.… https://t.co/nPeY5tGzhH
RT @SpaceX: New T-0 of 4:10 p.m. EDT due to upper-level winds; vehicle and payload look good for launch

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Numbers and E-mails

Los Angeles AFB Operator:
(310) 653-1110

LAAFB Base Locator:
(310) 653-3080

ID Card Customer Support:
(310) 653-6556 
(310) 653-5114

61st Security Forces Squadron 61st Security Forces Squadron
(Law Enforcement desk):
(310) 653-5787 
(310) 653-5664

   Media Queries:
(310) 653-1131 or smcpa.media@us.af.mil

Public Queries or Event Requests:
(310) 653-2368 or smcpa.outreach@us.af.mil


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