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This page highlights the current leadership, directorates and functional offices of the Space and Missile Systems Center and the 61st Air Base Group at Los Angeles Air Force Base.

Biographies of Air Force Space Command and Air Force leaders are also available here.
tabSMC Leadership Biographies 
tabSMC/LAAFB Functionals 
SMC Manpower & Personnel DirectorateSMC/DP
Ms. Laura Young
Director, Manpower & Personnel

SMC Directorate of StaffSMC/DS
Ms. Leslie Kennedy
Director of Staff

SMC Directorate of Engineering shieldSMC/EN
Mr. Thomas A. Fitzgerald
Director, Engineering Directorate

SMC Equal Opportunity OfficeSMC/EO
Mr. Tommy McInnis
Acting Chief, Equal Opportunity Office

Space and Missile Systems Center Financial Management shieldSMC/FM
Col. James Bell
Director, Financial Management and Comptroller Directorate

SMC Inspector General emblemSMC/IG
Mr. Todd Trabue
Inspector General

SMC Directorate of Intelligence shieldSMC/IN
Lt. Col. Dmitri Kesi
Chief, Intelligence Directorate

SMC Staff Judge Advocate emblemSMC/JA
Col. Richard J. McDermott
Staff Judge Advocate

Space and Missile Systems Center Public Affairs emblemSMC/PA
Maj. Mary B. Danner-Jones
Chief, Public Affairs

SMC Directorate of Contracting shieldSMC/PK
Ms. Joy White
Director, Contracting Directorate

SMC Small Business OfficeSMC/SB
Mr. Willard Strozier
Chief, Small Business Office

SMC Safety Office shieldSMC/SE
Mr. Paul Mejasich
Chief, Safety Office

Directorate of Strategic Plans and ProgramsSMC/XP
Chief, Plans and Programs
tabAir Force Biographies 
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tabAir Force Space Command Biographies 
Air Force Space Command Biographies
tabSMC/LAAFB Major Unit Commanders 
Advanced Systems and Development DirectorateSMC/AD
Col. John S.R. Anttonen
Director, Advanced Systems and Development Directorate

Global Positioning Systems DirectorateSMC/GP
Col. Steven P. Whitney
Director, Global Positioning Systems Directorate 

Launch Systems Enterprise DirectorateSMC/LE
Dr. Claire Leon
Director, Launch Systems Enterprise Directorate

Military Satellite Communications Systems DirectorateSMC/MC
Mr. Robert Tarleton
Director, Military Satellite Communications Systems Directorate

Missile Defense Systems DivisionSMC/MD
Mr. Walter S. Chai
Director, Missile Defense Systems Division

Operationally Responsive SpaceSMC/ORS
Col. Shahnaz M. Punjani
Director, Operationally Responsive Space

SMC Program Management and Integration DirectorateSMC/PI
Mr. Cordell DeLaPena
Director, Program Management and Integration

Spacelift Range and Network Systems DivisionSMC/RN
Col. Thomas Rock, Jr.
Chief, Spacelift Range and Network Systems Division 

Remote Sensing Systems DirectorateSMC/RS
Col. Michael A. Guetlein
Director, Remote Sensing Systems Directorate

Space Logistics DirectorateSMC/SL
Mr. Louis M. ("Lou") Johnson
Director, Space Logistics Directorate

Space Superiority Systems DirectorateSMC/SY
Col. Philip A. Garrant
Director, Space Superiority Systems Directorate
tab61st Air Base Group Leadership 
61st Air Base Group61 ABG
Col. Donna Turner
Commander, 61st Air Base Group

61st Civil Engineer and Logistics Squadron61 CELS
Lt. Col. Todd T. Inouye
Commander, 61st Civil Engineer and Logistics Squadron

61st Communications Squadron61 CS
Mr. Tim Huang
Director, 61st Communications Squadron

61st Force Support Squadron61 FSS
Mr. Mark R. Maxfield
Director, 61st Force Support Squadron

61st Medical Squadron61 MDS
Col. (Dr.) Paul Hoerner
Commander, 61st Medical Squadron

61st Security Forces Squadron61 SFS
Maj. Gregory A. DeGruchy
Commander, 61st Security Forces Squadron

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