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Military GPS User Equipment


Military GPS User Equipment is a joint service program to develop a modernized set of military GPS receivers delivering improved capabilities to allow for accurate, reliable and available positioning, navigation, and timing service where current receiver performance might be compromised or unavailable.


MGUE is part of the GPS modernization effort that begun in the late 1990's in response to increasing threat of enemy denial of GPS and the need to prevent adversary use of GPS. Modernization of the Space Segment is already underway with IIR-M and IIF satellites currently in orbit, and GPS III satellites in development. The Next Generation Operational Control System (OCX) will provide command and control of these satellites for the full range of the modernized capabilities. To allow military users access to these GPS enhancements, the Modernized User Equipment (MUE) effort was initiated in 2006 to explore and mature the critical technology. Prototype GPS receiver cards built under this activity are currently undergoing Government testing and evaluation to quantify performance achieved via new features incorporated into the receiver designs. Results of this technology demonstration program will be utilized in the design, development, and production of several types of MGUE receiver form factor products to be fielded across a broad range of Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine platforms.


MGUE will acquire and process Military Code (M-Code) signals transmitted from Modernized GPS satellites and retaining all legacy capabilities provided by current military GPS receivers. M-Code offers a number of improvements to receiver performance in the form of a higher-power signal offering better resistance to jamming and interference; advanced security features to prevent unauthorized access or exploitation by adversaries; and improved message formats and signal modulation techniques for faster and more accurate performance. The prototype receivers developed as part of the MUE effort implemented M-Code as well as legacy C/A and P(Y) codes into a standard GPS receiver form factor design similar to those utilized on current military ground and aviation platforms. The follow-on MGUE program will leverage the technology development under the MUE program and develop to production ready status GPS receiver form factors for the joint services. To further expand application of MGUE technology and capabilities for a wider range of United States and North Atlantic Treaty Organization applications, the GPS Directorate will also develop and field of a new, more compact Common GPS Module encompassing the modernized GPS digital Application Specific Integrated Circuit technology in a smaller, lower power card for use in applications where size, weight and power need to be minimized. The Common GPS Module is planned to be the GPS "engine" for future handheld GPS receivers and other equipment or munitions requiring positioning, navigation and timing capability.