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Advanced Digital Antenna Production System


The Advanced Digital Antenna Production system provides in an electronic battlefield, nulling capability against hostile jamming or against friendly unintentional interference, and allows pass-through of the Global Positioning System signal to the GPS receiver for maximum navigation and position accuracy.


The ADAP system is the successor to the GPS Antenna System-1, in continuous production since 1998. The ADAP system protects GPS-based navigation and precise timing systems from deliberate jamming and accidental interference. In 2009, Raytheon Systems Limited, a UK based subsidiary of the Raytheon Company, was awarded the initial production contract to deliver 41 Antenna Electronics (AE) and 28 Controlled Reception Pattern Antenna (CRPA) to equip US Navy surface platforms and fixed and rotary-wing aircraft. The development of the ADAP system and its capabilities is a joint effort with the U.S. Navy.


ADAP is an evolutionary upgrade to the existing GAS-1 to ensure the continued availability of GPS signals to aircraft, ships and munitions. The program's primary objective is to procure advanced technology GPS anti-jam antenna systems for aircraft and surface ships. The system will consist of AE, an antenna referred to as a CRPA and a Ground Plane Enclosure which when integrated with an AE and a CRPA, comprise a Ground Plane Assembly. The AE and CRPA are designed for airborne applications whereas the GPA is designed for shipboard applications and will be mounted on a ship's mast.


ADAP helps the warfighter navigate closer to the target
· Null more jammers
· Deeper, wider bandwidth nulls
· Narrower spatial nulls
· Simultaneous L1 & L2 nulling
· Beam-forming mode
· Reduces jammer multipath
· M-Code compatible
· Flex power compatible


Meets requirements for carrier landings and helicopter
· Operational non-proprietary serial port interface with GPS receiver
· Improved out-of-band electromagnetic interference rejection
· Software upgrades through AE serial port interface
· Enhanced BIT fault coverage
· Capability to detect failed elements of the CRPA


Form fit backward compatible with GAS-1 AE
12" L x 8" W x 2.27" H
Weight: 9 lbs Max.
Power Usage: < 38 w.
Prime Power: 115 VAC @ 400Hz; 115 VAC @ 60 Hz; 162 VDC
MTBF > 7500 hrs


Form fit backward compatible with GAS-1 CRPA
14.12" D x 2.00" H (Including connectors)
Cables: Reference: 39.00" Max; Auxiliaries: 30.00" Max
Weight: < 8 lbs
MTBF > 15,000 hrs


22.50" Max Diameter
7.375" H without CRPA
Form fit backward compatible with GAS-1
Weight: 60 lbs

PRIME CONTRACTOR: Raytheon Systems Limited (RSL) - Harlow, England